Mar 3, 2010

Swami Nithyananda Scandal with Tamil Actress

Popular Swami Nityananda may find himself in a comfortable spot
following repeated beaming his alleged sensual acts with an actress.
This news rocked the TV channel the whole evening.

The video was broadcasted on the popular tamil channel called SUN TV
and the famous Tamil actress’ face was blurred in the video. Our CT
team identified the woman as Ms Ranjitha. However, the channel had
chose not to show the face of the woman.

Swami Nityananda of Thiruvanamalai has been in circulation for over a
decade, delivering lectures and conducting religious camps. He has steadily built up a strong base of devotees.The video clipping which was aired on Sun TV last evening and its been floating all over the net. The video, which showed the swami in ochre-coloured silk robes sprawled on the bed and the actress, her face morphed by the channel to protect her identity. Reports from
Tiruvanamalai said locals attacked his ashram there. The swami was away.Swami Nityananda had travelled extensively abroad, attracting many devotees with his simple and earthly speech. The Swami was extremely popular in USA for his self-improvement lectures.

Holy god, Please come and save people from these kind of godman