Jan 9, 2010

Sneha In Love

She has always been known as the sensuous beauty and her homely image made her the darling of the family audience, especially the ladies. She is none other than Sneha but off the screen, this seductress seems to be quite a wild thing.

However, the grapevine is that Sneha is in love with a man and though she has been denying it, a recent report says that the fire is on. Apparently, Sneha was spotted spending few cosy moments with this mystery man far away in the cruise ‘Lous’ in Maldives.

This was for the New Year celebrations and it is heard that the couple spent three days making the most of it. While no confirmations are received on this one, Sneha is slowly transforming her image to a glam doll from a homely image and her next set of movies will see her in this new form.