Nov 3, 2009

Manisha Koirala Join Politics

Manisha Koirala is seriously contemplating joining Nepali politics. Her grandfather BP Koirala and her granduncle GP Koirala have both been

ex-Prime Ministers of the mountain kingdom; and during her Diwali acation in Kathmandu, Manisha visited the BP Koirala Memorial, fuelling talks of her imminent entry into politics.

It is still not clear whether she will contest elections as an Independent candidate or join the Nepali Congress which senior members of her family have been involved with, but the actress is serious about an alternate career.

“I will join politics,” says the actress who is flying to Los Angeles on November 5 for a work assignment. Manisha, who has steered clear of Nepal politics so far, says that her recent trip to Kathmandu has given her some fresh insights into the socio-political scene.
“I have a couple of films to complete in Mumbai,” she admits.

But she has spent almost four months this year in the US and seriously wants to move home base from Mumbai to Los Angeles. “It is too early to say anything about the work I am planning in LA,” says Manisha. “But I have made some good contacts in the movie business. I want to make LA my base as far as films go.”

The actress says that since her parents are now in Kathmandu, she doesn’t want to live alone in her huge duplex. “It makes little sense to run this place for one person... and it is also getting a bit lonely,” she admits.

Her brother Siddharth and his family have their own apartment in Mumbai. So the next step for her is to commute between Los Angeles and Kathmandu. “My political plans are in the formative stage,” she says. “However, I do realise that if I’m to take the plunge; which I have decided, I will then I need to spend a lot of time in my home country.”

While the actress wishes to continue to dabble in movies in some form or the other (be it acting or producing) she also wants to make her foray into politics.

Manisha will return to India in the third week of November because she is likely to be conferred with a political honour in Kanpur/Delhi around that time.