Jan 28, 2009

Wednesday News Scan: Pavan Kalyan marries again!


The highlight of Wednesday's dailies is the exclusive report published by Andhra Jyothy on the second wedding of Praja Rajyam's youth wing president Pavan Kalyan with his living partner Renu Desai. Though it is not exactly a banner story, it was prominently highlighted as the lead headline and the detailed story was carried inside.

It says Pavan Kalyan is officially getting married to Renu Desai at his Nandagiri Hills residence at 9.50 am on Wednesday, so as to avoid legal problems in future and also to counter the criticism from his political rivals. The invitation cards were printed in the name of Pavan-Renu's son Akira, who invited guests for his "parents' wedding."

However, no guests are being invited for the wedding and the cards are meant only for the sake of registering the marriage. Regarding the lead stories in other two dailies, Sakshi and Eenadu, they chose different ones. Sakshi did a follow-up on its yesterday's exclusive report on financial irregularities of Heritage Foods, promoted by Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu. The banner story, however, lacks any punch, as the original story did not evoke any ripples in political circles as claimed by the daily. It carried mug shots of leaders of different political parties, who wanted that thorough inquiry to be done into the allegations. However, the entire story is about how Naidu remained silent and tried to avoid media persons, while Heritage Foods authorities were also not available for any clarifications.

Eenadu highlighted two major social issues as its banner stories – one on the continued atrocities committed on women with examples of attack on an engineering student by her jilted lover in Prakasam district, rape and murder of a degree college student in Hyderabad and murder attempt on another girl in Anantapur (this report was made the banner story by Andhra Jyothy and the second lead story by Sakshi as well); and the second report on a California woman giving birth to eight children at a time.

At the bottom of these box items, Eenadu carried two more special reports: the first one is about how the government had given 800 square yards of prime land in Secunderabad to a Congress MLC P Padmavathi treating her as being below the poverty line ; and the second story is about how the government has exonerated three former officials of Hyderabad Urban Development Authority in the Outer Ring Road scandal, despite a negative report from CBI.

And there was another small box item on the arrest of a senior police official for offering Rs 50,000 bribe to Director General of Police (Prisons). The same report was carried in other two newspapers, too. Incidentally, Andhra Jyothy carried another lead story on the corrupt practices of "big police boss" (though it did not name the official, it was obvious that he is none other than DGP S S P Yadav), who is allegedly encouraging kidnap gangs in Bihar and also has received kickbacks from scandalous engineer Elugubanti Suryanarayana.

Unfortunately, the death of former President R Venkatraman could find a mention only as a photograph on the front pages of all the three dailies and the details, in brief, were carried inside.


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