Dec 3, 2008

Telugu Movie 'Vinayakudu' controversy

If a verdict gets passed not to file cases against trivial issues over the film industry, it will be a boon for the filmmakers. Because filing petitions against petty matters over movies is increasing rapidly. The latest controversy is on Prem Movies produced movie ‘Vinayakudu’. Starring Krishnudu and Sonia in the lead cast, the movie was directed by debutant director Saikiran Adivi.

The title was aptly christened to depict the hero and his physical appearance in a jocular manner. But, it has been misinterpreted by a petitioner.

Objecting for using the deity's name (Vinayakudu) as the title for a movie, Ravinuthala Seshidhar filed a petition in High-Court on Monday (01.12.08), asking to change the title of the film as it demoralizes the name of God.

Maybe in future filmmakers might be needed to recheck each and every scene for controversy which will spoil creativity once for all. Hope such drastic changes shouldn’t happen in the near future.