Dec 6, 2008

Telugu Actress Ileana is resting!

I just can't sit still!" she tells Hyd Times over the phone-line from her residence in Mumbai. But Tollywood top-league actress Ileana D'Cruz might just have to, since the doctor has advised her two weeks' bed-rest after she injured her ankle while shooting for a Tollywood film with Nitin earlier this week.

"I'm much better now," she says, adding, "But it was really painful on the first day. The doctor asked me to get an X-Ray done, but it wasn't a fracture. Nitin was really helpful through all this."
So, how's she killing time through this unforeseen break from work? "It's extremely frustrating, to sit with my legs up...I'm more used to jumping around!" she chirps jovially. So, it's watching movies and a lot of ghar ka khana for her, since she's got mom and the rest of the family taking care of her. "I'm eating a lot. My appetite's increased...I hope I don't put on!" she confesses. "But I'm also taking firing from everyone around every time I get up."

When is she expected to be back in action? "I hope it's not two weeks. I've so much work to do! I'll check with my doctor in a week. Maybe I can take the plaster off, but I can't dance or run around." We wish her a speedy recovery, to which she signs off with a "Thanks...I hope to be back soon."