Oct 10, 2008

Telugu Actress Sameera Reddy interview

Telugu Actress Sameera Reddy interview

A home in Chennai?
I love everything about Chennai — place, food, and people. I’m very close to my family and will stay wherever my family stays. So, I am unlikely to relocate from Bombay, but certainly wouldn’t mind a second house in Chennai.

Both Gautham Menon and Surya have talked a lot about Nenjukkul Peidhidum (in Vaaranam Aayiram). How did you feel doing the song?
I really enjoyed it. It was a whole new experience for me; we shot it on a train. It is a modern new age song with expression and simplicity.

Did you relate to this song, which is about love at first sight? Do you believe in it?
Yes I did. Yes I do!

Did you have a problem about Vaaranam Aayiram being a three-heroine subject?
No, I had no problem whatsoever. I loved my role as well as the script. It was a very performance-oriented role.
I’m a big fan of Kakha Kakha. And it’s great to be a part of Surya’s film.

Do you find Surya hot?
My first reaction was that he is a very sweet and down-to-earth person. He is good at what he does. The six-pack just adds the icing on the cake.

You’ve worked in the film industries of several regions. Which one did you most enjoy working in?
It’s got to be Hindi all the way.

You Reddy sisters are a formidable trio when it comes to talent and fame. How well do you bond with Sushma and Meghana?
I am very close to both of them. I seek advice from both, depending on the situation. But at the end of the day, we are three strong-headed independent women with totally different personalities.

You had once said you are a one-man-woman? Is that still valid?
Oh yes. I still stand by that strongly.

After Musafir, you had vowed never to get into erotic scenes again? Has there been a rethink on that?
No, there’s no rethink at all. I entered the industry with the Aur Ahista video by Pankaj Udhas and people loved me in it. I played a simple girl. So, I don’t see any reason why they should be any change of stance. As far as the audience goes, they will like even a saree-clad female in a modern movie if they are talented and have performed well.

You are often called the desi J Lo...
I like dancing and I love J Lo. I love her music, her style. Being compared to her is a matter of honour and privilege.

Are catfights common in Bollywood?
Catfights are common and even I was dragged into it once. But I try to stay as far away from it as is possible in this industry.

We’ve heard you have a terrific nose for business...
My first love is business. I have a lot of ideas in mind but I will step into it when the time is right.

You often walk in your sleep. Tell us any incident we haven’t heard before on this.
We stay on the ninth floor and I used to walk in my sleep towards the big window in the hall. This frightened my parents so much that they ended up putting grills and started double locking the windows!

You’re cagey discussing the men in your life...
I never discuss my private life. Because once you talk about it, people stop focussing on your work and pay more attention to your personal affairs.

There were reports that you and cricketer Ishant Sharma were getting close...
It’s not true. I was just supporting SRK in the IPL where I met Ishant. I spoke to him a couple of times and the media just hyped it.

You had a huge Salman fixation when you were a kid. Have you outgrown that?
My all time favourite is Salman but recently, the new Khan on the block has caught my fancy. Yes, I am talking about Imran Khan.

Tell us about your mobile game you own/created...
I’m crazy about gaming. It was a great honour to be the Bollywood name on a video game. The game made on me is called Sam's Mission, a video game for mobile phones that includes special effects, fights and more. I play a warrior princess who has to fight savages in an ancient Indian city.

We’ve heard how Surya had to perch himself on a stool when shooting with you...
That’s not true... Surya did no such thing. My height was and never has been a problem. We have tall guys in the industry too.

You are still to break into the big league. Is this a conscious decision of playing it steady, slow and strategically?
I like to play challenging roles and I believe in playing it steady. And I have been accepted as a talented person. The Nagesh Kukunoor and Priyadarshan movies in my kitty are proof enough of my talent.

You’ve met George Clooney...
He is the most charming man I have ever met. I was completely stumped by his youthful exuberance and witty nature. We met at the Toronto festival and I had two movies being showcased at the festival and the best part is Clooney knew that. He complimented me for the same.

We have often heard of your Vijay Mallya connection. Are you related?
Yes, we are. But we are distantly related. He is my mom’s second cousin. I am very close to him because, like him, I too am crazy about cars and business.