Oct 1, 2008

Telugu Actress Genelia enjoys Hyderabadi Haleem Interview

Genelia goes Haleem hopping with Toi

She's at ease playing traffic-stopper on a busy Hyderabad street and chatting up fans as they gather around. A zestful Genelia who went Haleem hopping with us

If you were to go by the way she conducts herself in public, you'd think Genelia D'Souza wasn't an actress at all! No airs, no frets, no urgent glances at the mirror or 'how-do-I-look's for the camera. She's just unguardedly…herself! And the way she puts up a hand for the traffic and crosses the road, you know she isn't unfamiliar to this either.

She went Haleem hopping with Hyderabad Times on the eve of Id at a busy roadside joint at Banjara Hills. And not only did she enjoy her Haleem, she also took time to chat with the people around and smile at passing motorists who craned their necks for a better look. Later, we sat down for a chat at the hotel, and though back from an entire day's shoot, she didn't want a customary '5 mins, please' before the interview. As she spoke, she kept playing with her bangles, and the expression of her eyes kept changing from serious to fun to happy and back again.

Are you much of a foodie?
No, not a hardcore foodie, but I like to taste everything. Besides, dinner is my only source of entertainment, because I really like to talk! I quite like Haleem though, and make it a point to have it every year.

Your mom's always on the sets with you. Lucky charm?
To be me, I need her there. I'm really independent otherwise, but glad I rely on her on the sets, since we think alike. She sits through scripts too, but it's I who decides. You seem to be sporting a new look. That's for Life Partner (Bollywood remake of Bommarillu) where Manish Malhotra is doing my clothes. Since I'm young, it's difficult to do a complete image change. I'm more of a junkie. So, they're trying to make me look like a page 3 girl who wants every hair in place and every nail painted!

Are you living in Bombay, Hyderabad, or in transit?
I'm living in a suitcase! I left Nagarjuna Sagar for Delhi, then to Hyderabad; from here I go to Greece, then South Africa! I see home for just a few hours! People think it's a glamourous profession, but it's real hard work.

Talking of glamour, will Genelia do a sensuous role if need be?
There's a thin line between sensuous and vulgar. I'll do a sensuous role if need be, but not vulgar. In all these years, I never felt the need to come out in skimpy clothes for the world to take notice of me. It's the line I draw for myself.
On Amitabh Bachchan.
It's been great. I met Mr Bachchan for my first commercial (a Parker ad); he was there when I got my first Filmfare for Bommarillu, and he was also there at the premiere of Jaane Tu…. He even posted a line on his blog on me!