Sep 29, 2008

I have no time for love: Genelia D’Souza

She’s come a long way but she still takes time out for a friendly game of soccer at D’Monte Park on Turner Road, Bandra, when she gets the

One hit film down and with another on the floor, Genelia D’Souza is currently busy shooting It’s My Life opposite Harman Baweja.

Even as she gets into gear for the shoot, makeup minions and wardrobe wizards buzz in and out of the scene. A pair of hands add blush to her cheeks, then her eyeliner is delicately touched up. All under the watchful gaze of her mother. That done, she settles down for a chat. “I can’t complain about anything so far. Things have been good. Touchwood, things seem to be going good. These first few steps I am taking in Bollywood are crucial ones. But, God willing...” she trails off.

As a newcomer into the big bad Bollywood industry, has she encountered any unpleasantness so far? “I think the industry will treat you as you want to be treated. And there are bad people in every industry. It’s not just Bollywood. But honestly, it’s been great so far. And the unit I’m working in is great; it’s a team that works together well. My mother is protective of me. I think it’s a great family feeling that we work together.”

Does she feel any pressure about having to build up on the positive momentum that started with Jaane Tu...? “Not really. There’s no pressure, but yes, I do want to make the right choices and I think I am. Working with first Imran and now Harman has a very positive vibe to it. We’re all new into this scene.” And any reflections on this onscreen character? “Both the characters I play are young characters. Aditi from Jaane Tu.. was a bit more brash and in-your-face. An absolute girl who follows her heart. My character from It’s My Life is a bit more earthy. She seems like a person who is more in touch with herself and very pure.”

And has Cupid’s arrow struck this “sorted out” Leo? “I’ve got no time for love. Doesn’t that sound cliched? Ha-ha... But really, I’m not anti-romance or anything but I really cannot be getting into any relationships now,” she says.

So, all you boys, beware, for her mom’s listening!

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