Sep 15, 2008

Dr Rajasekhar Turns A Real Life Hero

Dr Rajasekhar, who played angry young man characters in his early days made a heroic act in his real life. On Thursday (September 4), he was strolling in the front yard of his house and noticed a boy falling in a ditch dug for the construction of a lift for the apartments which are under construction exactly opposite his house. He immediately rushed to the spot and participated in the rescue operation. Later, being a doctor, he gave first aid to the boy and took him to the Apollo Hospital for further treatment. Dr Rajasekhar had announced that he would bear all the expenditure for the treatment on humanitarian grounds. All the people in the neighbourhood lauded Dr Rajasekhar for his timely help and for his kind hearted gesture towards the boy. Rajasekhar is presently doing a role in his home production 'Satyameva Jayate' directed by his wife Jeevita Rajasekhar and produced by his children Sivani and Sivatmika on the banner of Sivani Sivatmika Movies in association with Maganti Gopinath.


mouny said...

its a trash . This is a political drama. good people never say thier good things to others . trash trash trash

mouny said...

"Dr Rajasekhar Turns A Real Life Hero"

this means that he is not a hero till yesterday , so what is he 0.5