Aug 21, 2008

‘My Father Will Be A Great Politician’

I’m sure he’ll make for a great politician

As An Actor

My father considered my birth lucky for him. Because it was only after I was born that he started getting good cine offers. I’m the youngest in the family, so I haven’t really watched any of his Bollywood movies, for, they were made long before I was born. But yes, I have watched a few of his Telugu films and enjoyed watching them.

I always liked him on screen as he is a natural actor. I like the ease with which he delivers his dialogues. He has essayed innumerable roles, but the one I remember is his character in the Telugu movie, Daddy, where he played the role of a father. His acting was incredible. Also, the plot of the movie is so similar to my real life story, that it touched my heart. Dad would also take me along to the sets. I would accompany him to outstation shoots, and it used to be great fun. I used to just watch him act and interact with others on the sets.

As a father

Frankly, I like the ‘dad’ part of him more than his ‘actor’ persona. He’d never bring his work home – so we never discussed movies. He was a different person at home – a great father. I was the most pampered in the house, and I don’t remember my father ever saying ‘no’ to something I wanted or asked for, till my 18th birthday, that is.

He always gave me whatever I wanted. My birthdays were always very special. He would load me with gifts – each year, he’d increase the number of gifts, coinciding with my age. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those gifts with me anymore, as they are at my parents’ place. I’m left with nothing. My only regret is that that he didn’t give me that one gift I asked him for – on my last birthday, when I turned 19. I asked him to give me Shirish, who is my husband now. Otherwise he has fulfilled all my dreams and has given me the best things in life.

As he used to be very busy shooting, we hardly ever saw him at home. It was only since the past few years, when he began to take on less films, that he got free enough to spend time with us. But even in those hectic days, he was very loving and caring. I remember how he would come back from shooting late in the night, wake me up and sit and have dinner with me. He would also make breakfast for all of us on a day he was free. Sometimes, he’d ask me to make his favourite – omelette-bread – for breakfast.

But, he never wanted his daughter to get into acting. He wanted to see me settled and leading a normal life. As a superstar’s daughter, I’d often accompany him to functions and events. He’d make sure that I sit next to him, and I used to feel very proud of my father. Now, he’s a grandfather too. He says he is very happy. My daughter is the first grandchild of the family. I hope for his good wishes.

As a politician

My father is a good, kind-hearted person. Even when he was acting, he would take care of all those around him. The way he interacts with people, listens to them, and helps them, I’m sure he’ll make for a great politician. But, I never encouraged his wish for getting into politics. My family would have never ever imagined that he would one day become a politician.