Aug 11, 2008

Lalitha, Ragini, Padmini ...Travancore Sisters Profile

The Travancore sisters with Sukumari (standing next to Padmini, extreme right)
Lalitha, Padmini, centre, and Ragini.
Padmini (1968)
SEPIA-TINTED MEMORIES Padmini in a frock, sitting on the left, with her extended family at Malaya Cottage in 1935

Padmini, Lalitha (actor) and Ragini are called as Travancore sisters. All of them were dancers and film actors. Lalitha is the eldest and Ragini the yougest. Padmini gained the maximum success and has acted in more than 250 films. They have one brother, Chandrakumar, who is the father of the Malayali actress Shobana also vineeth, the malayali actor, is also a nephew of the travancore sisters. They all learned dancing under the trainer Guru Gopinath.Their mother Saraswaty's, sister's daughter is the famed Sukumari, who has perhaps acted in most number of films (over 2500) than any other person in the world. Sukumari is the wife of Late A. Bhimsingh a well-known film director. Their son, Suresh Bhimsingh, is also a film director.