Jul 27, 2008

Will Chiranjeevi launch his party

on his B’day?

Before launching his political party, Chiru has to define the role of his brothers besides chalking out a voter-friendly manifesto to become strong contender for numero uno post

The speculation surrounding Chiranjeevi's party launch continues to be a subject of hot discussion at both political and social parties. While a few believe that it will be launched on his birthday, August 22nd, industry sources claim that Chiranjeevi will announce his decision on 8th August and not Independence Day. The launch promises to be a gala affair with him revealing the flag and agenda of his party at a public rally. kin to do his job.

To fit into his new political avatar.It is learnt that Chiru is seeking advise from personality councilors to make him aggressive and diplomatic. "He can take a moral high ground by meeting the demands of Nandini and invite Srija couple before setting out to campaign" reasons a political analyst who believes these nagging issues will put him on defensive until resolved.

The unfortunate clashes between fans over their respective castes added to the drama.Besides pacifying them Chiru needs to define the role of his huge following.

Similarly, if the roles of his brothers and brother-inlaw remain undefined then it would create even more confusion (it is alleged that leaders like Mayawati and KCR insisted on a one-to-one meet instead of mediators). With Pavan Kalyan resolving to play an active role in inspire youth it becomes more of a necessity than choice. According to sources, Rajnikanth cautioned his friend to be more careful with strangers while touring prompting Chiru to form a security ring around him.