Jun 6, 2008

-MGR's Son-in-law Murdered, 3 Relatives Detained

MGR's son-in-law killed

Three relatives of former Tamil Nadu chief minister M G Ramachandran were detained late on Thursday evening in connection with the murder of a nephew of his late wife Janaki, police said. Vijayan had been beaten to death on Thursday in Turnbulls Road, a posh southern suburb in Chennai by unidentified persons using iron rods, after an altercation with the occupants of a car that tailed him.

As life ebbed out of Vijayan, the car sped away, his friend and computer operator S Senthil told the police. Vijayan was declared dead on arrival at the Apollo Hospital. V Sudha, the wife of the deceased, alleged wrongdoing by her brother-in-law K Rajendran over a property dispute.

After some enquiries, Rajendran, his wife R Latha and son R Kumar were picked up for questioning, police sources said. Vijayan was carrying on a campaign against Rajendran, the main executor of the will of MGR.

MGR's widow Janaki Ramachandran had left behind huge property worth around Rs 150-200 million. MGR had no children and willed his property to his wife, who in turn left it to a trust to be handled by MGR's lawyer N C Raghavachari. After the lawyer died, he willed that it would be executed by Rajendran, another nephew.


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