Apr 2, 2008

JALSA Review

JALSA Story:

Sanjay sahu(Pawan Kalyan) is a happy go lucky guy who is addicted to alchohol&studies(done 3P.Gs and studying fourth !).He is in love with Indu(Kamalinee Mukherjee)and expresses his intension to marry her to her Police dad Rammohan reddy(Prakash Raj)and he bluntly rejects Sanjay and marry her to some other guy.Exactly after one year he comes across another girl Bhagyamati(Ileana)and falls in love with her.He goes to her dad with a marriage proposal and her dad is none other than Rammohan Reddy and he rejects Sanjay sahu once again !At the same time Factionist Damodar Reddy makes attempt to kill Sanjay Sahu.

What's Sanjay Sahu's past,Why he has a rivalry with Damodar Reddy and How he marry his love of life forms rest of the story.


There are highest expectations on Jalsa right from the day of announcement of this film in the combination of Pawan Kalyan&Trivikram.They reached many of the expectations and falls short of some.

After Khushi Jalsa is undisputedly best film for Pawan Kalyan.It's a tailor made charecter that suits only for Pawan Kalyan and Pawan Kalyan's performance is at his best.

Trivikram Srinivas did excellent job as a dialogue writer and his taking is of top class.Comedy,charecterisation are superb.

Ileana is cute and for the first time in her career she acted very well with wonderful expressions.

Music(Devi sri Prasad),Cinematography(Guhan,Rasool),Editing(Srikar Prasad) are good.

Just like any other film of Trivikram ,Sunil&Brahmanandam has their share in laughs.

Side lights:

First half is very good.Second half is ok.Though there is a fair amount of comedy in the second half you feel some thing is missing and that some thing is a convincing plot.

Though he has plenty of time(2hr50mins)Trivikram failed to narrate the flashback&villain's vengence properly& convincingly.Some times Dialogue writer dominates the director in Trivikram and you can feel the distortion.

and Yes,it's a bit lengthy,the movie runs for almost 2hour 50mins.


Mahesh babu did voice over.

Public Talk: Good entertainer,Worth watching

Industry Talk:Pawan Kalyan fans karuvu teeripoyindhi,An enjoyable movie for them!The movie goes well with youth&family audience.Has all the chances to become a Superhit at Boxoffice.unconvincing plot in the Second half&Length might batter the range somewhat.

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Anonymous said...

no punch dialogues
no story
bad screenplay
i think pavan kalyan too directed it
little comedy in first half
bad climax
two good songs wated
bad second half
u cant justify the story
he is a naxallite but lives like jubilee hills guy but again speaks of poverty
bad love story angle betn lead pair
2 to 3 comedy threads are good
jalsa title song at the end of the movie picturised on fightings
no dances
fights also not that great
chalore chalore song just in the background in jungle
3 songs picturised well
totally i didnt feel like a Trivikram movie
storyki lavadala karimnagar angle
i rate it as 3/5
too many extras in fightings
cinemalo vani bike will be blasted in bomb blast, but again he roams on same bike
sunil is wasted
illeana is not good
parvati melton is good than ileana
voice over with mahesh babu wasted for this movie
vilan episode is very bad in movie
i dont know how he comes in and out of the jail so freely with total gang i.e villain gang
tokkala katthi gurinchi dialogues in the climax
finally he is a osmania student in NIFT
bramhanandam comes as a relief in the movie to some extent
finally software engineers are shown as waste people than road side romeos
they say they have routine life
The screenplay should have been better. The director who made hero reveal about his downtrodden past and social commitment through the dialogues before interval could not match it with the characterization of hero in the second half
its better to watch race and gamyam again than watch this movie

Anonymous said...

jalsa title is not justified. Pawan kalyan story selection is very bad. there is nothing new to offer in this movie. Directing is bad. Comedy threads were good, that is the only good thing in the whole movie. It is below average movie. The hype was too much on the movie it did not live the expectation.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed movie may be reason behind this there is no recent movie in near
past after bommarillu I did nt see a good telugu movie.....sthng is better than nhtg......comedy is good.....avg one time worth enought........