Apr 20, 2008

BHUMIKA Starrer MALLEPUVU Is Under Brisk Production

Bhumika rules

The shooting of the BHUMIKA starrer Mallepuvu is under brisk production but the filmmakers already seem to believe they have a winner on their hands. SAMUDRA is directing the film, starring debutant MURALI KRISHNA in the lead.

RAMESH VARMA, who has written the story, is co producing the movie with the director. "The film is a love story that revolves around Bhumika's character. The role is tailor made for Bhumika as we were looking for a certain innocence and vulnerability in the lead actress and she fits the bill perfectly. We have great hopes from the film and I am confident that the film will be another milestone for Bhumika," says Ramesh Varma. Well with Bhumika we do not expect anything less do we?