Mar 28, 2008

Nagarjuna Introduces ‘Kalidasu’ To Media

Sushant, nephew of Akkineni Nagarjuna and brother of Sumanth, is introduced to the media and the audiences of Andhra Pradesh through a video presentation and an impressive function held at Annapoorna Studios. His debut film titled Kalidasu is getting ready for release soon. To note here, the film underwent silent shooting away from the media blare.

It is presented by Annapoorna Studios and made on the newly floated production house Sri Nag Corporation. Concept and direction is by G. Ravicharan Reddy. Producers are Ch. Srinviasa Rao and A. Nagasusheela (hero’s parents).

Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nagarjuna and Nagasusheela graced the occasion. Prior to the direct onstage introduction, a video presentation went by with speeches of ANR, Nag (giving guidelines to Sushant), with anchoring by comedian Suneel and a couple of RJs. Sushant sought the blessings of the audiences for his career.

Later, ANR and Nag introduced Sushant to the media on the stage. ANR said: “The first thing an artiste requires is the blessings and goodwill of the public. I strongly believe that acting is not hereditary. Filmmaking is like cooperative cultivation. Any talented person can become a hero. Sushant will come up in his career only when he works hard. Just because he is my grandson, or nephew of Nagarjuna or brother of Sumanth, he can’t be anything. Film career is a long journey. I am telling this out of my 66 years of experience. When I did Devadasu, the media wrote threadbare that I was not fit to become a hero. But, the media criticism helped me a lot. An artiste will become successful when he identifies his demerits and projects his merits. Talent is beauty. I advise Sushant to follow this. You (Sushant) have got all in this profession – Keerti, Kantha and Kanakam.”

Nagarjuna said: “You are aware that Annapoorna Studios is always in the forefront in introducing the talented persons, let it be cast or crew. Sushant also comes under this category. He always liked to become a mass hero. We have introduced him not because he is my nephew, but we believed in his talent. I hope he will stand up to our expectations.”

Sushant spoke in chaste Telugu. “Spending with grandfather, Nag mama as a family member is different from sharing the stage with them. I am happy to be with them in public. I am lucky to have all of them supporting me. I will continue to remember the guidelines of Thatha garu and mavayya. I have really worked hard. You will soon see my performance. I need your Ashirwadam and Aseessulu.”

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