Mar 29, 2008

'JALSA' Games Begin

It's official, Jalsa will be releasing on April 2. Ever since the news of the delay in the release of the film had got around, there were speculations aplenty. According to some, the filmmakers were unhappy with the DI (Digital Intermediary) while some more malicious speculations suggested that the tall claims of releasing in 1000 theatres was proving to be too difficult to accomplish. But all that is passé as the producer ALLU ARVIND officially announced the date, putting to rest all the hypotheses. Ever since the grand music release, Jalsa has been the toast of tinsel town so much that no other filmmaker has dared to line up a film for release this weeek. With ILEANA,
PARVATI MELTON and KAMALINI MUKHERJEE playing the lead all that’s remained to be seen is how
much of a Jalsa, the film turns out to be....BEST OF LUCK PAWAN

Telugu Cinemass