Mar 27, 2008

Happy Days Famous Roles

Famous Five?

Nikhil and Megha Burman in a still from Ankit Pallavi and Friends

After the roaring success of Happy Days, the film's young cast has gone from being nobody to the toast of tinsel town. For now however the spotlight is on NIKHIL, who is shooting for his next venture Ankith, Pallavi and Friends. Directed by US-returned director Hari Yelleti, the film is almost complete and is expected to hit the screens soon. The film stars the promising newcomer, MEGHA BURMAN in the lead. "The film is the story of a group of five happy-go-lucky friends. The script revolves around the changing equation between the lone girl in the group Megha and the rest of the gang," says Hari adding that they plan to release the film in April. KISHORE GANJI and RAGHU are producing the film along with Hari. Looks like 'college life' has come to stay in Tollywood.

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