Jan 15, 2008

Telugu Movie POURUDU Review


Verdict: A hilarious action-packed entertainer Pourudu
Cast: Sumanth, Kajal, Nazar, Kota, Suman, Subba Raju, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ali and others
Director: Aditya Raj

Sumanth, who proved his mettle for the first time with Satyam makes a comeback attempt with Pourudu. The story is similar to Kamal Hassan’s Kshatriyaputrudu, and it's hard to understand why the film was titled Pourudu.

Ajay (Sumanth) is the son of Pandu (Suman), henchman of a dreaded goon Jakir Bhai (Nazar), whose rival is gangster Kasi (Kota Srinvasa Rao). Ajay who gets the 10th rank in IAS is about to attend his interview, when he sees his dad being attacked by Kasi's men. He rescues his father, but both of them land up in the police station for creating public nuisance. Soon, Ajay finds that his father is working for a mafia don. Interestingly, Pandu doesn't know about the business of his own boss. By the time he realises his mistake and wants to get out, the rival gang kills him ruthlessly. Ajay also finds that Jakir and Kasi are hand-in-glove with each other. The rest of the movie is all about how the hero takes revenge for his dad's killing.

Sumanth has performed well. He also looks handsome in the film. While the action sequences are passable, he fails to deliver when it comes to the dance and romance sequences. Kajal, the heroine of the film, gives a neat performance. She looks beautiful and glamorous in the song sequences. But, her role has nothing to do with the main story. Nazar steals the limelight by playing the coldblooded villain. Dharm-avarapu Subramanyam plays dad to the heroine. Ali plays a role similar to what he did in Chiruta and Brahmanandam's comedy lacks punch.

The story fails to meet expectations. Screenplay is good and is a saving grace. The songs are average. The stunts are good, but they are overdone. Cinematography is good, particularly in stunt sequences and songs. Comedy lovers have very little to cherish. Except a few scenes, there is no scope for comedy in this revenge story. Dialogues are average too. Verdict: Disappointing.


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