Jan 11, 2008

OKKA MAGADU Telugu Movie Review

Okka Magadu - the hype created before release of the movie with publicity has not raised up to expectations, efforts of Y V S Chowdary could not even touch minimum levels of expectations, it was expected that there would be some political backdrop which may likely change the waves of politics which never happens, graphics are quite silly with non- serious getups of Balakrishna has confused first half of movie, neither screen play or direction is upto mark of 'Okka Magadu'.

N B K is named as Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Prasad alias Ramu who is treated on par with god for villagers of Venkatapuram, they reffer him as Devadideva inspite of Ramu saying he is just an oridinary man and he is their savior, with rapport he maintains even Government and Law doesn't touch him due to fear. On a day he performs marriage of lovers. Bridegroom being son of Chief Minister Asutosh Rana who plays role of a villain.

There will be a fight against corruption by an old man, cops interogate and conclude that Ramu is the killer. He also reveals that he was the Okka Magaadu, and he is Raghupati Raghava Rajaram (Balakrishna), who was a freedom fighter during British rule in 1940's. This amplifies enimity between old man and Chief Minister. Point of interest in the movie is who is this aged man? and at this age what makes him to kill?

N B K performed this double action nicely and he justified as Ramu and Okka Magadu (Old NBK). When we see this, directly recalls Bharateeyudu of Kamal Hassan, he as well laughs Aaah.. Aaah which replicates Rajnikanth's Sivaji. About Ramu, he has stylish presentation and looks handsome. Technically this Okka Magadu role is not on par with Bharateeyudu.

This movie may run for some days only taking into account N B K presence, if the same flick was by any other debut or just happening star, it could have gone in dust bin...Synchronization of 1940s and 21st Century is a big drawback. Nothing much in the movie is worth entertaining, no seriousness is presented in the movie. Song of Simran and NBK is a bit attractive as well songs with Nisha and Anushka. Remix lyrics of NTRs remains as big disappointment though Mani Sharma has done his job to keep the tempo on. Dialogues department could have done their home work well.

Few dialogues are impressive like Nenu kottadam modalu pettanante aapadam undadhu, Mamooluga kodithe chachhetatlu kodatha, baadhaga unnapudu kodithe, chasthoo bathikela kodatha. There are some meaning less fights in the movie when Okka Magadu jumps from 20 storied building and escapes smartly. On the whole the movie could not raise up to the expectations of audiences and has a very poor appreciation. This movie may run for some days only taking into account N B K presence, if the same flick was by any other debut or just happening star, it could have gone in dust bin.

About heroines they did their best win N B K with all feelings. Nisha Kothari presents herself as TV reporter insists NBK to marry her with same efforts by Anushka. They both shake their hips well with full energy. Simran presentation and make up is awfully bad as well with lengthy dialogues boring audiences.

Amileni aku agiri agiri paduddi

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