Dec 21, 2007

Balakrishna says "Nenu Kotiki okkadini. Koti Mandiki okkadini"

Rumors: Balakrishna Fans Worried For That Dialogue!

Here is an interesting uproar from the fans of Balakrishna. There is a dialogue in the film 'Okka Magadu' where Balakrishna says 'Nenu Lakshallo Okkadini. Laksha mandiki okkadini".

The dialogue is being shown in the trailer of the film. Now Balakrishna fans are worried for that. They are now requesting YVS Choudary to change that dialogue as "Nenu Kotiki okkadini. Koti Mandiki okkadini". They want to see their star quoting bigger number but not merely in lakhs.

We have to see if YVS bends for the request of Balayya fans

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