Nov 14, 2007

Trisha Gets The Shock Of Her Life !!!

Actress Trisha who lost her top seat to Ileana in Tollywood has to step back for Shriya in Kollywood too. Despite of the defeat she is still busy in both the 'woods'. But it is the real woods (forest) which put Trisha in to the trouble. Few days back Trisha is shooting for a Tamil film, Abhiyum Naanum in the Munnar forest-Telugu Cinemass.

Everything has been going fine until Trisha noticed something crawling on her. First she thought it is some insect but after closely looking at, she yelled out loud in fear. There are some leeches climbing on to her and the crew immediately came in to the rescue of Trisha. No harm is done, but by then Trisha already had the shock of her life. She didn't come to her senses for sometime and after the recovery Trisha insisted on the location change. Better late than never indeed.