Nov 14, 2007

Social Service Makes Heroes : Pawan Kalyan

Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan once again made his emotional appearance at a Blood donation camp launched at the outskirts of the city. To substantiate his words of hectic social service, he personally oversaw the arrangements at the camp. Addressing a huge crowd of fans from all over the city, Pawan Kalyan declared his philosophy that touched on the lines of the slain American President JFK. "We should not think of what the society has given to us. But, we should always think of what we have given to the society." He further rejected the stardom only to film stars. He contended that any person who has the zeal to serve the society can become a hero, and ultimately a pathfinder to the posterity. As the actor delivered his emotion-packed speech, fans went hysterical, shouting slogans in praise of him. Jayaprakash Narayan of Lok Satta was seen sharing the podium with Pawan Kalyan-Telugu Cinemass.