Nov 1, 2007

Chiranjeevi's Family Left For The US

Amidst the fresh contention of Srija that they still faced threat to their lives and the court extending the security to them for the next two weeks, there are rumors in the film circles that megastar Chiranjeevi along with his family members had left for the US.

It is said that before doing so, he had duly consulted some noted lawyers and his family lawyer too over the issue. Similarly, he had written that there would be done no harm to the couple from his family side, sources said. Chiranjeevi thought it difficult to stay here and continue to see the TVs flashing the news, besides the necessity of giving clarifications to the press and and when necessary. The family would be returning only after the impact of the issue is subsided. Moreover, it is felt that there would no question of inviting the couple to Chiranjeevi's family.

Meanwhile, megastar Chiranjeevi has clearly won the moral victory on his side. The honorable Delhi court today felt that there is no necessity for the couple to make demands such that their family members should invite them. The couple's lawyer Pinky Anand maintained that she didn't take any fee from the couple, saying that, "I felt pity for them. The girl too wore a T shirt for two days continuously." She further rejected the allegations of political backing to the couple, seemingly from the BJP, as the lawyer too has association with the BJP-Telugu Cinemass.