Oct 30, 2007

Tollywood's !

The hushed up weddings and rushed up marriages of the Telugu glamour industry have a solution. Hollywood kind of announcements and Russian Press kind of news reports.

Glamour and grand weddings are like square pegs in round holes.

They never seem to fit in. Especially in Tollywood where actors slog all their lives and just when they are ready to tie the knot, all hell breaks loose. Runaway brides and bridegrooms of Tollywood who have been through this rigmarole believe a full-fledged wedding is somehow jinxed in the land of glamour.

From good old Sridevi announcing her marriage after the Press published photographs of a protruding tummy, to Nagarjuna’s ‘simple marriage’ with his long time love Amala, the more recent marriage of Mahesh with Namrata after the movie mags made a hoo-haa about his secret affair, and the runaway wedding of actress Rasi, the sensational shaadi of television anchor Udaya Bhanu, the secret one of compere Shilpa Chakraborthy... most of these affairs are rushed up and hushed up.

Movie insiders of the Telugu industry blame the stars squarely for the state of things. “Instead of simply keeping things transparent (which anyway the Press will be hunting for) and making it clear, they keep things under the wraps and when things get out of hand (malicious reports of their so-called affairs with so-and-so), they wake up and get married overnight to stop things from getting messy. “See how Aishwarya and Abhishek handled their wedding. They announced it at the right time. Same with Madhuri and the more recent Jyothika,” they say.

For better or for worse, the world is interested in the private lives of film stars. And every single candlelit dinner or a shopping bout with a beau is often out in the Press. Finally, when the word is out in the world, they get married to save face. Some of the new age stars, however, are a little more open and make it easy for themselves. Actress Bhumika, for instance. She was in the open with ‘good friend’ Bharat Thakur and was fine when the Press wanted her photographs with him.

The high voltage publicity these stars get also works to their disadvantage. In most cases, the stars are having a great time in the industry with top banners and this news report gets out into the open.

There is pressure from parents (in most cases) to keep up the good work professionally and to postpone love affairs and weddings to after they have finished their movies. This creates a rift with parents and before you know, the high profile star has run away to get married to his/her darling at a secret location, or at the local Aryasamaj.

“The only way to stop these hushed up weddings is for the industry to be more open about these things and also for the Press to stop sensationalising their private lives,” say movie insiders. Looks like Tollywood needs Hollywood kind of announcements about boyfriends, divorces and termination of pregnancies. And the Press has to be like it is in Russia. Where news is published only when a Press release is sent across to the newspaper editor! Sounds like an impossible scenario.

For now, it is over to Tollywood, runaway brides and bridegrooms. Lots of spicy news for the readers.