Oct 20, 2007

Prince Mahesh Babu's New Look !

Prince Mahesh Babu's latest offering Athidhi released yesterday all over the world with expected openings. Irrespective of the films performance at the box-office, certain tit-bits of the making of Athidhi are trickling out from reliable inside sources.

First, the new look hair styles sported by Mahesh Babu in the film Athidhi. A top hair stylist from Mumbai, Sunny, was specially brought in and was with the unit throughout the shooting schedules. It is said that the hair stylist was paid a Rs.4000/- per day as remuneration. In fact, she first came into contact with Mahesh during the shooting of ThumsUp advertisement.

Athidhi created a record of sorts, when the media corporate major UTV Motion Pictures, obtained the distribution rights. This is the first Telugu film, where corporate big-wigs entered the fray.

In this action packed film, more days were spent shooting the stunt sequences than the talkie part. Even Raju-Sundaram have created a new style of dancing for Mahesh Babu-Telugu Cinemass.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the audience response and speculating it's box-office performance.


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PUVA said...

hai.......prince mahesh,this is PUVA frm malaysia... YOU really handsome in new look!! best of luck for your next film.... AND MAY GOD BLESS U MY FREN...TAKE CARE! BYE...