Oct 11, 2007

Mahesh Babu's ATHIDHI To Release With 300 Prints In AP On Oct 18th

Telugu movie Athidhi , the movie starring Mahesh Babu, is going to release all over AP with 300 prints on October 18th. UTV Motion Pictures is the partner in the making of the film by Krishna Productions. G. Surender Reddy is the director. Amritha Rao is the heroine. Latest buzz in Film Nagar tells the story of Athidhi as under:

An orphaned boy gets shelter in a house. The entire household is killed (but for one small girl who is not present at the scene) by the villains. While escaping, a knife is put in the hands of the innocent boy. The police keep him in the lock-up for the "murder". After he grows up, he is released. The scene shifts to New Delhi. The heroine is Amritha Rao. Naturally, she is the lone person who escaped death in her family. She thinks that Mahesh Babu is the real murderer. She wants to take revenge. In the melee, our hero rescues the revenge-seeker from a fatal incident. He starts loving her. Now, a kidnap drama comes in. The second half and climax is – how the hero exposes and zeroes in on the real villains and proves his innocence with the girl (winning hand!). However, we have to wait and see to what extent this pre-released thread is true-Telugu Cinemass.