Oct 18, 2007

ATHIDHI Movie Review (Telugu Movie Reviews)


CAST: Mahesh Babu, Amrutha Rao, Murali Sharma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ajay, Rajiv Kanakala, Kota, Benerjee, Naazar, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav etc
EDITING: Gowtham Raju
CAMERA: Sameer Reddy
ART: Srinivas Raju
STORY: Vakkantham Vamshee
DIALOGUES: Abburi Shiva
MUSIC: Mani Sharma
PRODUCER: Ramesh Babu
RELEASE DATE: 18th Oct 2007


Athidhi (Mahesh Babu) is an orphan in Delhi. A wealthy family consisting of a young couple and a child gives him shelter and raises him as their kid. One day, the couple gets killed by a psycho and but the crime is wrongly imposed on Athidhi and he gets imprisonment. Their kid Amrita (Amrita Rao) hates Athidhi for this. 14 years later, destiny brings Athidhi and Amrita together and they fall in love. On other hand, a wave of kidnaps swept through Hyderabad. Kaiser masterminds the kidnaps but no one knows his real identity. When Athidhi has to face him when his lover is kidnapped, the drama unfolds in different way.



In A Single Phrase, "STYLEish Bolly-Tolly CRAP". In A Sentence, "Fancy Hair Styles, Crappy Heroine, Script-Less Story, Mind Numbingly Foolish Stunts, Punch-Less Dialogues, Emotion-Less Characters, Cheap Comedy, Entertaining Songs, Great Cinematography, Aptly Used Visual Effects, Back Breaking Length (2 Hr. 51 Min.) And Last But Not The Least... Direction-Less Director." -Read More...



First half of the film is decent as it established the characters and love track and then reveals a twist. The second half is about Athidi becoming the unsolicited bodyguard. The last 30 minutes of the film are heavy. The positive aspects of the film are Mahesh Babu and few fight sequences. The negative aspects of the film are heavy last half an hour, movie runtime and excessive violence. We have to wait and see how Telugu film lovers embrace this stylized flick. Read More...



It’s a 2 hr 51 minute movie with heaviness in action episodes, subtleness in little comedy and some appropriateness in sentiment. On a whole it turns to be a considerable film but shouldn’t go with the expectations of Pokiri or Athadu. It’s a movie of its own standard.

First half of the film is with action episodes followed by some routine fights and some love track scenes between the hero and heroine. As the film approaches interval, seriousness starts surrounding. Second half is with heaviness of action. Though there is some comedy that is not sufficient.

First half of the film is about 1 hr 23 minutes in length while second half is about 1 hr 28 seconds. The interval bang in the film is interesting. The climax is prolonged. Coming to the comedy track in the film there are two tracks-with Venu Madhav and Sunil-Brahmanandam. They spill laughs for the brief time they appear on screen. But still there is no enough comedy that a commercial flick of this range should have. The film has the appeal to attract masses. Villainy of Murali Sharma is impressive.

The minus point in the film is lack of sufficient comedy, weak music and long story line. The plus point is Mahesh Babu.

The film appeals this way for different set of audiences:

* Masses: They say it’s long film but action part is good. They also say that comedy is good although short.

* Women: They say Sunil-Brahmanandam’s comedy is vulgar and violence is disgusting

* Class Audience: They say it’s heavy.



Amidst high expectations, Mahesh Babu's Athidhi is here. Director Surender Reddy who is known for presenting movies in very stylish manner has teamed up with superstar Mahesh Babu for Athidhi.

The film as expectedly is very stylish in presentation. Without doubt, Athidhi is technically far superior movie than any of the recent films. Spellbinding visuals, trendy editing pattern, amazing action sequences and handsome hero on screen performing are film's major highlights. Heavily inspired by Hollywood movies - Man On Fire and Usual Suspects, the movie is mixed bag. Those who like films that have good technical values and action dramas will love it. For others it might look heavy.

Cinematically speaking, the director has shown creativity in the execution of some scenes - both in stunt episodes and emotional scenes but fails in three departments - script, music and comedy.

The action sequences are superbly shot. Especially the chasing scene in the second half where Mahesh goes on a bike to save his heroine is mind-boggling.

Despite very lengthy and heavy violence and lack of good entertainment, it manages to hold due to director Surender Reddy's presentation. Like in all Surender Reddy's movies (Atanokkade and Ashok), second half goes haywire.

All said and done, its content and lengthy second half are biggest flaws. Songs are too weak. The last three songs come at wrong time. Climax looks never-ending with marathon of action sequences. Read More...



Story is formulaic. There is lot of expectation in the story, though its author and director tried to bring in as many twists and jerks as possible, which all seem to be dramatic. Surender Reddy wasted the entire first half without touching on the main road. It is only at the interval bang that he tried to give a twist, which again is under the purview of the audience prediction. Screenplay is tightly knit, but it gives a feel that the story advances episode by episode, de-linking the main thread. Surender Reddy’s direction relied mostly on stylish angling of the hero and his stunts.

ActressThe romance between the hero and heroine is not built up naturally. But, again, it is dramatic. Each time the heroine meets the hero, she invites him to have coffee, tea or liquor. There is no variety in this romantic streak. Read More...

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Anonymous said...

Mahesh looks too good. Even a foreigner should agree to this. But his style seems to be the same as previous movies. Mindless comedy & action adds to the irritation. It's almost a Pokiri II. Heroine without actually knowing this guy's background simply goes fida. Tooooooooo regular, can't take it any more. I don't know why telugu movies show a ruff-and-tuff, pokiri charactered guy as an ideal choice to be loved madly by heroines. Amrita is just average. It seems all she wanted was this movie offer & the fees. There are three villains. None of them utilized well. Supporting actors are always meant to help the gal & the guy come close. Same masala. Songs by Manisharma only adds to the noise.

Deepak Kumar, Chennai