Sep 7, 2007



CAST:Navadeep, Siva Balaji, Kajal Agarwal, Sindhu Menon, Nagababu, Ahuti Prasad, Uttej, Rajesh, Jeeva & Abhinaya Sri
CAMERA: Prasad Murella
DIALOGUES: Lakshmi Gopal
MUSIC: KM Radha Krishnan
ART: Srinivasa Raju
PRODUCER: C Kalyan & S Vijayanand
RELEASE DATE: 6 September 2007



Krishna Vamsi attempted a plain and simple story to narrate in a simple style in the format of Ninne Pelladatha and Murari. The major entertainment in this film is provided by Ahuti Prasad and Navadeep. On the flipside, there is no emotional depth which we usually experience in Krishna Vamsi's films. There is no justification for the title Chandamama. Probably director felt that the watching film would be like reading Chandamama katha. On a whole, Chandamama is a love story with family backdrop.Read More...



Chandamama is very simple film and on the whole it is an any okay one. It is enjoyable for its comedy. If you excuse, the first 20 minutes, the film is enjoyable despite the fact that it offers nothing new. Director Krishnavamsi just rehashes his old films (Ninne Pelladutha and Murari) and familiar scenes in a film that has largely rural ambience. But it works due to comedy scenes especially Ahuthi Prasad's character is hilarious and able performances by both the heroes help further.

Some scenes are illogical and it doesn't go deep in to the characterization. Music is by par the weakest in Krishnavamsi's films so far.Read More...



Krishnavamsi strum the right chords this time. Chandamama turned out to be a cool, clean, breezy entertainer. The film falls into Krishnavamsi styled family drama. Positive things in the film are good narration, right mix of all elements, KV's style, village backdrop, soothing music by Radhakrishna, superb performances by lead cast, strong technical support and beautiful hampi locations.Read More...



The film starts at very good pace but suffers from various bumps in narration. First half goes smooth but second half is elastic. The climax is quite routine and in tune with the expectations of mundane audiences. Krishna Vamshi has chosen a wrong line of story and he failed to develop proper characterizations to lead roles.

Krishna Vamshi is known for showing typical mannerisms on his characters. He also puts a female role that shows eccentricity in behavior like Charmy in Sree Anjaneyam. In this film he has chosen Sindhu Menon for that.

Here in ‘Chandamam’, he made a confused concoction by mixing two things. Initially he intends to give a message that Indians are forgetting their culture but foreigners are getting attracted for the same. But finally, the conclusion is ‘let younger ones marry the ones they love and needn’t bend to whims of elders’. There appears to be some lack of clarity at the end.

We have to see how far the patronage of audiences will be extended for this film.Read More...



The story is quite simple; and very predictable after a point, especially the climax. The movie passes most of its screen time in some light humor, father-daughter relationship is in focus, Kishore's happy-go-lucky nature which creates most of the moments in the movie. You prepare yourself for a blast of melodrama during the climax, but it never comes. Remember NP or Murari? The climax has a lot of crying, screaming, shouting, sweat and blood. Here, none of that appears.

It's an old storyline and the conflict is seen in too many movies before. So many aspects of Murari are used here, including the village set up and characters. Sivabalaji's father, played by Ahuti Prasad and Kishore played by Navdeep are trademark Krishna Vamsi characters and hence fun to watch. The two lead pairs have done well and that's a plus for the movie.Read More...



After disappointing the audiences with his Danger and slightly lifting the sagging spirit with Rakhi, Krishnavamsi comes out with a family drama set in the backdrop of a village. The audience finds it difficult to understand the relevance of the title Chandamama. The first half is a time pass, but the second half turns awry and slips to the depths of mediocrity.Read More...



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