Aug 4, 2007


Telugu actress Asin is one of the successful stars in the industry today. She is quite busy and has ups and downs like everyone else. But Asin has found a way out to beat stress and come out of depression.

So whenever the actor is feeling low, she pulls out her mail and starts reading them. She gets hundreds of letters and she makes it a point to read each and every letter. The letters from her fans reveal many new things and she always feels happy after reading the letters.

She received a huge 200-page letter from one of her fans. She has read it several times over in the past and she continues to do so now and then. The letter contains praise for the actor’s beauty as well as her voice. The fan has asked Asin to sing for movies.

Asin is also interested in singing and music director Harris Jayaraj has even asked her to go in for a voice test. Asin would like to debut as a singer under Harris Jayaraj’s music direction.