Jun 21, 2007


Ravi Teja loves to make people laugh and entertain. His latest release, Seenu Vytla's "Dubai Seenu" gave him ample opportunity to do just that, and the film is a huge hit. Yet, the Telugu film industry refuses to acknowledge it! Ravi's films are all family entertainers with comedy and action in the right mix. All his flicks – "Itlu Sravani Subramanyam", "Idiot", "Vikramarkudu", "Khatarnak" and the latest "Dubai Seenu" – portrayed him as a hot a favourite among ladies and family audiences. In this chat, Ravi Teja says that he will continue to do roles that will satisfy his fans. Excerpts:

"Dubai Seenu" is doing fine. Please comment.

I am happy. Everybody is saying that the movie is good and word-of-mouth has worked wonders for the film. There are many people around us like the character of Seenu that I play in the film. We got perfect results for our efforts.

How confident were you about the film when you heard the script?

I liked when Seenu Vytla narrated the story, I instantly liked it. I blindly believed in him and he never let me down. Our producer Danayya too had great amount of faith in us. So everything fell in place.

Your previous flick Venky with Seenu Vytla also got you good name as an artiste. Is this sentiment that prompted you to do a film once again with the same director?

Certainly not! I don't care for sentiments, time factor, weeks and muhurtams, horoscopes and vaasthu. I believe in only hard work (smiles) and I fully trust my director. Apart from this, I don't think any other factor would have influence on me.

There is a talk that comedy in Dubai Seenu came as a sequel to Venky? Do you agree?

Such comments are natural. When people enjoy comedy, even if repeated or played in a different mold, nothing matters. Seenu Vytla dealt a single comedy scene in train for about forty minutes. It's a great experiment- A well-tested and proven one. It is very difficult to handle comedy scenes and stuff them with blasting material. In Dubai Seenu, you will see the honest efforts of Seenu Vytla for giving the audience their fill for the stomachs.

Your Khatarnak didn't do well at the box-office. How do you accept failures and successes?

Success and failures do not matter to me. I don't get carried away by success nor do I feel upset about failures. My job is just to do my duty and set aside everything.

How do you take criticisms?

I like to take criticism in the right sense. If someone develops grudge or ill-feeling towards me, it is their own problem. It is a problem with their health. If I take it to heart, my brain will get a beating. Let me have peace of mind!

But people say that you are arrogant and don't care for anyone. Any comments?

Those comments are done by people who have no work to do. They just sit somewhere and talk about someone as time pass. I don't have time or necessity to care for such remarks. My policy is to just hear with this ear and let it go through the other ear.

Any dream roles?

I don't have any dream roles. I came here to become an artiste. I managed and that's all.

When can we expect your next film?

Yes. It will start rolling from August and directed by VV Vinayak. I can't say how it will be. But, I assure you that it will be an entertainer.