Jun 17, 2007


When one listens to the telugu song "Manasannade Ledu Aa Brahmaki… Yedureeta Raasaadu Ee Janmaki…" the listener could understand the meaning and the sorrow expressed by the character.

This lyric was scripted by Kaluva Krishna Sai. This lyricist had scripted over 80 melodious songs for various films. Generally, most of the people who enter the film industry would come with a view to become a hero or a director.

In the same way, Kaluva Krishna Sai also came to the film industry with a view to become a director. But he has become a lyricist.

However, his dream is going to come true, when Muppidi Sridhar Reddy is planning to produce a film on the banner of Omega Creations introducing Kaluva Krishna Sai as director.

Already a lyricist Kulasekhar became a director. Now it is the turn of Kaluva Krishna Sai.